Baars Kneer Elgart, © Fred van Wulften
In September 2010 the duo Baars/ Kneer extended to become the trio Baars/ Kneer/ Elgart. 

Now the freely improvising trio is presenting its third recording "thrie threo dri" on the Berlin-based label Jazzwerkstatt.

This trio has become a powerful lab for free-improvisation strategies. It refuses to settle in any strict form or dynamics, but attempts to invent and reinvent itself anew again and again, and remains once again true to its principle of total musical equality.


Ab Baars – tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi

Meinrad Kneer – double bass

Bill Elgart – drums

Upcoming Shows

25 Sep

Bochum (DE) Jazzwerkstatt @ Ruhr-Jazzfestival/ Kunstmuseum

18 Oct

Cottbus (DE) Jazzwerkstatt @ Gladhouse

19 Oct

Schwerin (DE) Jazzwerkstatt @ Schleswig-Holsteinhaus