After having met in many different musical occasions over the years in Amsterdam’s lively improv scene, Baars and Kneer started to work in duo setting in 2008; this co-operation culminated in the internationally praised CD ‘Windfall’ (Evil Rabbit Records, ERR10). Right after having played at the Amsterdam Bimhuis with guest drummer Bill Elgart in 2010, the duo became naturally a trio. The concerts the trio gave ever since in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria were received very well.

Their music is an intimate confrontation on sly musical improvisation levels. Together, they meander between form and abstraction, consensus and dissent, dissonance and response; their special force lies in the seemingly endless variations of timbre, which take place in their dialogues. Beautiful poetry!

“This trio has articulated a sophisticated new iteration of the impulses that birthed free jazz, one that can be likened to the controlled explosions used to level abandoned buildings.”
Bill Shoemaker, June 2018, Moments Notice/ pointofdeparture.org