„the trio could be looking for power, they prefer to look for space“

Franpi Barriaux, 30 january 2022, citizen jazz


„…improvisation takes place at the cutting edge, every second counts and life hangs by a thread. The tension is palpable, there is still more to be discovered, it’s urgent and it’s urgent now!“

Arjan van Sorge, 21 december 2021, gonzocircus,com


„No-nonsense improvisations.“

Ken Vos, december 2021, Jazzism 6-2021


„A fellow critic eschews records, saying that the experience is spurious and lacks the vitality of an in-person attestation. Does his philosophy cut off his nose (or ears) to spite his face? Proof of that affirmation is thrīe thrēo drī, a thoroughly captivating 72 minutes of music making.“

Mark Corroto, 3 december 2021,


„Music, which beautifully flows from minute to minute, giving everyone, on both sides of the stage, unhindered pleasure.“

Andrzej Nowak, 16 november 2021, Trybuna Muzyki Spontanicznej


„We hear three improvisers who work in a thoughtful and careful way. Every note is striking and the beauty of the music is not only in its melodious sounds, but also in its abrasive moments. Because it is precisely through such contrasts that true beauty emerges.“

Herman te Loo, 18 october 2021,


„These experienced improvisers know inside out the fine art of the moment, and their established affinity and intimacy allows this democratic trio to explore distinct strategies of negotiation –  raw, intense and powerful but also delicate and emotional, risk-taking but also compassionate. The trio moves organically and instantly between consensus and dissent, dissonance and echo and form and abstraction, as well as endless variations of timbre. The dynamics of this trio always sound inventive and urgent, and never surrender to a familiar form. This trio is determined to reinvent itself with each piece of «thrīe thrēo drī».“

Eyal Hareuveni, 15 october 2021,


„The trio’s music has something self-explanatory about it, while at the same time their playing is unpredictable. (…) The trio manages to intrigue with their individual playing, creative inventions and the way the interaction between the musicians takes place. A beautiful (free)jazz/free improvisation record.“

Gert Derkx, 29 september 2021,


„There is something wonderfully liberating about listening to ‘thrīe thrēo drī’. The playing is delightful yet unhinged. (…) To call it excellent would be an understatement.“

Nick Roseblade, september 2021, Vital Weekly, number 1302, week 38


„… although there are no easy tunes and the structures are loose, there is a surprising accessibility in this music. (…) This is pure and honest music played by three musicians who totally understand each other.“

Geert Ryssen, 15 september 2021,


„In the end, the three of them delivered a great performance in which the instruments stood side by side on an equal footing even in the strong passages and the quiet passages offered the ear an opportunity to rest“

Thoralf Winkler, december 2019,


“This trio has become a powerful lab for free-improvisation strategies. It refuses to settle in any strict form or dynamics, but attempts to invent and reinvent itself anew again and again, while keeping a playful flow, despite its fast-shifting, confrontational approach.”

Eyal Hareuveni, 5 Dezember 2018,


“A trio from the top division of improvised music.”

Dolf Mulder, july 2018, vital weekly, number 1139, week 27


“Impressive, how easily the trio as a whole operates and structures their music on the spot.” 

Ken Vos, July 4, 2018, Jazzism


“This trio has articulated a sophisticated new iteration of the impulses that birthed free jazz, one that can be likened to the controlled explosions used to level abandoned buildings. Even though audience reactions were snuffed on Live at Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2012, it is safe to assume that Baars, Kneer and Elgart brought down the house.”

Bill Shoemaker, June 2018, Moments Notice/


“Together, this experimental trio creates many fascinating and intense soundscapes. (…) A perfect display of the sheer power their group improvisations can have.”

Dustin Mallory, October 2014, Cadence Magazine


“Again an example that improvised music has an unique and unequalled intensity when it really ‚happens‘.”

Dolf Mulder, 7 January 2014, vital weekly, number 914, week 2


“Fine energy, fine synergy; lively, busy music.”

François Couture, 6 November 2013, Monsieur Délire


“Inspired, poetic dialogues. Beautiful, arresting music.”

Eyal Hareuveni, 4 November 2013,


“Transparency, architectural structure, sublime timbres, these are the elements that bring the three musicians together in a clear plea for free improvisation.” 

Herman te Loo, 28 October 2013, jazz flits no. 206


“They don’t play it safe, no concessions are made, not to the listener, not to the music.”

Mischa Andriessen, April 2013, Jazzmozaïek


“Baars, Kneer and Elgart won over the entirely filled church with perhaps the most intensely concentrated concert of these four days. Mightily beautiful. So beautiful even, that we didn’t want to interrupt its reverberating beauty with the performance of the next band, later in that same church.”

Guy Peters, July 2012,